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To contribute to a clean and healthy environment in Berat region.

With the adoption of the Local Waste Management Plans the municipalities in Berat Region are committed to improve step-by-step the waste situation. However, none of the improvements can be successful and sustainable without the involvement of the community.

Wrongly managed waste is a source for pollution of air, water and soil. Also, indiscriminate dumping destroys landscape and ecosystems and endangers flora and fauna. Awareness of those problems and their source is the first step towards an improved situation in the future. Living in a clean and healthy environment needs active support from all citizens.

The Swiss Government through the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) supports the Municipalities of Berat Region to improve the waste management situation in the region. Through this support the Municipalities of Berat Region in cooperation with the Qark administration and a team of consultants are implementing an Integrated Waste Management Project which prepares local and regional tools and implements measures to improve the management of waste.

All citizens of Berat Region are warmly invited to contribute to a clean and healthy environment in the region. They are invited to clean up litter in their neighbourhood, to clear streets, meadows, forests, playgrounds, leisure centres, rivers and protected areas from waste.
All citizens are encouraged to create activities to help increase awareness on protection of nature and reduction, avoidance and correct disposal of waste to increase the number of Berat’s conscious minds and to preserve the environment for future generations.