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What initiatives can be part of the contest

Activities, which can be submitted and are eligible to be granted, need to address a clean and healthy environment as overall topic. In detail, this includes means for reduction of waste, awareness for littering and its negative impacts, means for recycling, cleaning up campaigns and many more. The following activities present possible activities, which can be performed to enter the contest:

• Clean up campaigns for a Clean and Healthy Environment:

Clean up campaigns are a great benefit for the local environment. Uncontrolled dumped waste pollutes soil and water and endangers flora, fauna and human health in Berat Region. Litter disposed in rivers and streams does not only pollute Berat Region itself but has a negative impact on the whole country and beyond. As a result, the campaigns eliminate the direct danger occurring from litter and can also raise awareness with all participants and the local community, benefiting from the new clean and healthy environment. Furthermore, a litter-free region promotes tourism and general welfare under the main goal:

Together for a litter-free Berat Region: Zero waste in Osum river

• Awareness Campaign:

Raising awareness towards (own) negative habits in the handling of waste can be achieved with sensitisation activities. One example is focusing on the youngest group of the population, children and young adults. Educational activities in kindergartens and schools give children a hands-on but also earnest access to the topic of waste and its management. The children and young adults benefiting from these educational activities are acting as multipliers with their families and relatives and hence, a broad group of people can be reached:

Creating tomorrows green minds

Awareness Campaigns don’t generally need to focus on schools and kindergartens, also activities which included many different target groups in public increase the sensitivity and raise awareness for the problem with the possible motto:

Green Thinking Berat

• Recycling and Reuse:

Separation of waste at source is an important subject for appropriate waste recycling. Correctly separated recyclable material can be recycled more easily due to fewer impurities. In order to close the loop, appropriate technologies and schemes are required. Institutions that provide a closed environment such as schools but also offices or other establishments are suitable for the set-up of means for separate collection of recyclables. Recycling and correct disposal of the waste needs to be secured. Awareness campaigns support the envisaged outcomes of this action. A possible motto may be:

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle @ work/school

• Your Idea:

Besides the above mentioned possible ideas, other actions and campaigns are feasible. There are few points which your activity shall consider and address:
Connection to waste and/or waste related problems
shall be visible/communicated for a broad audience
situation shall be improved either directly or indirectly (e.g. cleaner environment, means to reduce waste, increased awareness)

Your motto
Special focus on socially disadvantaged groups, youth and elderly people, pupils and students is desirable.
Activities must provide clear evidence of voluntary contributions. Activities which mainly pursue business interest, are not entitled to enter the contest. Persons engaged with the evaluation of submitted activities are excluded from the contest.