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Positive appraisal of the Deputy Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation in Albania, Dr. Patrick Meier, on maintenance and operation of rehabilitated disposal sites in Dimal and Kuçova Municipalities

In the framework of the project 'Integrated Waste Management in Berat Region' the rehabilitated disposal sites are being operated and managed by the respective staffs of Dimal and Kuçova Municipalities, in accordance with the operational plan, legal framework, as well as under the consultancy of the Project Team. Municipalities have hired staff to operate the rehabilitated disposal sites and the project consultant is continuing training sessions with the staff to enhance their skills in the maintenance and operation of disposal sites.

During the visit, the Deputy Ambassador of Switzerland Dr. Patrick Meier and the representatives of the Swiss Embassy asserted that 'the Swiss government supported the municipalities to rehabilitate the existing disposal sites, but now it is the duty of the municipalities to continue with the maintenance of the investment and future management'.

The support for the Region of Berat started in 2018 and the community of the region has benefitted from and increase in the quality of services and municipal infrastructure.