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Survey on citizens’ perception of the solid waste management situation completed


20 young people trained on survey methodology conducted a survey with 200 interviewees in the urban and rural areas of Berat Region about their perception of the solid waste management situation. The involved young interviewers from R. Aranitasi High School in Çorovodë, K. Isak Professional High School in Berat, Kuçovë Youth Center, and New Bridge Youth Center in Ura Vajgurore were also acquainted with the Solid Waste Management Project in Berat Region.

Recognition of Berat Region citizens’ perception of the current solid waste management in Berat Region is very important. The data collected through the questionnaires will be analyzed and used aiming at:

Raising public awareness about waste, its disposal, collection and respective waste tariffs;
Establishment of a core unit of young people active in waste management and other environmental issues;
Creation of a database on the current state of waste management in Berat Region municipalities;
Identification of citizens’ priority issues;
Information on cleaning tariffs and willingness to afford the costs of an improved service.