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Take an action in your city or community, describe its organization, people involved and the positive impacts it has on people’s behavior and the environment, and participate in this contest.

This competition shall reward activities, which promote conscious and sustainable behaviour towards the environment and integrate the citizens of Berat Region in this.

In this contest, in total, 2 million LEK will be awarded to applicants for successful contributions to a clean and healthy environment.

The following flow chart illustrates the procedure of the competition:


The competition foresees that after the publication of this competition announcement, interested groups and individuals develop, perform and document their activities


The activities shall be documented and uploaded to the webpage established for this contest


The application for entering the contest includes:

  • the filled application form
  • an abstract about the performed activities,
  • the achieved outcomes and the target groups,
  • a photo documentation with a short final report about the activity
  • and optional further accompanying material (videos, posters, leaflets, etc.).

The length of the documentation (without accompanying material) shall not exceed 5 pages. The deadline for submission of the application is: 2 October 2020. Activities performed after 01.02.2020 can enter the contest. All materials shall be uploaded to


Based on evaluation criteria (see Evaluation Criteria), all submitted applications are evaluated and a decision about the assignment of prize money is made by the evaluation committee which is established by representatives of the municipalities and of the Consultant team.

5 In a ceremony on 17 October 2020, the grant is awarded to the successful participants.