December 29, 2022

Public consultation meeting about regional landfill and waste transfer stations

Early participation in any project in waste management is fundamental to achieve acceptance within the concerned communities. With the future regional integrated solid waste management system in Berat Region
December 3, 2022

Project team deliver training to municipal staff on budget analysis and fiscal package

One of the activities within the project "Integrated Waste Management in Berat Region" has been capacity building and training of the municipal staff of each of municipalities part of it, regarding the budget and tariff structure for cost coverage.
December 3, 2022
truck loader municipality

New vehicles added to public services of Berat and Kucova municipalities through project

Within the framework of the project, the bulldozers financed by the project were added to the fleet of public services vehicles of the Municipality of Berat and Kuçovë.
December 1, 2022
waste plan polican

Drafting Local Waste Management Plan for Polican Municipality

Poliçan Municipality, with the assistance of the project staff, is in the process of drafting the “Local Waste Management Plan”. With a decision from the mayor, a working group was set up
November 3, 2022

Support for the Preparation of the Regulation for Integrated Waste Management

Each local government unit or group of local government units has the legal obligation to develop the regulation on the control of specific waste streams management, for the waste generated in its territory.
October 20, 2022

Process of Assmenent and Reporting of Local Waste Management Plan Implementation

Within the project Integrated Solid Waste Management in the Berat Region, FLAG has conducted an analysis and a report of the status and implementation of the Local Waste Management Plans for the Municipalities of Berat, Dimal, Kuçovë and Skrapar
October 6, 2022
Berat Kucova and Dimal disposal sites

Management of improved disposal sites in Berat

The investment for the rehabilitation of the disposals sites of Berat, Kuçove and Dimal municipalities was accompanied by a series of challenges for the respective technical teams. The Integrated Solid Waste Management in Berat Region project during the period January 2021-September 2022 offered technical assistance through a dedicated expert to facilitate the management of rehabilitated disposals sites.
August 1, 2022

Publication of the Notice of Invitation to Tender: Track loaders for operation of a waste disposal site in the Municipalities of Berat and Kuçova

Publication of the Notice of Invitation to Tender: Track loaders for operation of a waste disposal site in the Municipalities of Berat and Kuçova
May 4, 2022

Competence Team Meeting and Workshop for Solid Waste Management Project in Berat Region

On 28th April 2022 was held competence team meeting for the 'Solid Waste Management in Berat Region' project. During the meeting the main points of the discussion were: the process of evaluating the progress of Local Plans, the preparation of residents for Regional waste management, costs as well as the way of management and operation of the landfill site. The Bridging phase of the project aims to facilitate the process of implementing local measures.